A Quick and easy way to get loads of Free Traffic to your Website.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

OK so here is a really good yet quick and easy way to get loads of traffic to your website for free.

The other day I lost all my bookmarks in Opera. So I Googled ways to get them back i couldn't find the right answer anywhere.

Every site I went to basically told me to save them and then import an HTML file. But my bookmarks where never saved.

I Thought That Opera automatically saved them it itself! So I thought sh*t all my bookmarks are gone.

But then all i did was go into easy setup of the Opera browser. This is the the 3 line symbol at the top right underneath the X icon that closes the browser.

I then chose my Opera Theme and Addon settings. After that a box came up that said import bookmarks? I I clicked yes, but when i went into the options the where just other browsers.

However when I came out of Opera browser I clicked the show bookmarks tab and all my Opera browser bookmarks Re-appeared! Thank fu@k.

Then I thought well hang on a sec. I Googled this and could find it anywhere! Here's a golden opportunity to get loads of free traffic to my website.

So I typed the the same question I typed in before - How to recover Opera bookmarks.

Then I went round all the different websites like Medium, Quora, Reddit, blogs etc and typed in the different steps I took to recover my Opera book marks.

I did this in the reply options to other peoples topics which didn't apply to me and I also created new topics.

Folllow these steps every time you need answers to something but can't find the answer in google. How many other people do you think will search f for the same thing? Its a big world.

Not only are you going to help other people but its a quick and easy way to get loads of free traffic to your website.

Use keywords, even link back to your own similar blog post like "killer ways to generate leads and sales in 2020" but what ever you do don't spam the boards with your website links.

Only put it in the desired fields like your profile or with blog posts you can type it in after your comment and the blog owner will link back to you. if they like it. Type your real name not a keyword in place of it this method does not work anymore. Google and the owner will class this as Spammy!

So there you go thats a quick and easy way to loads of free traffic to your website, and infect - How to recover your bookmarks in Opera! But that's a whole new topic, Lol.

Author Damien Kash

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