5 Killer ways to Make Money Online 2020

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As the Corona virus continues most of us are in quarantine and stuck with boardom and financial worries.

So to keep you busy I have decided to write you an upto date peace from my experience on the best ways to monetise a new or existing website in 2020.

First things First.

Before you can start making money online you are going to need a website or blog depending on what way you plan to make money.

If you don't already have your own site you could make your own website on a structure like wordpress, this is my preferred method cause its the cheapest way to have 100's of pro websites all on the same hosting for about $20 a Year. You can't get cheaper than that anywhere. However it can be complex to beginners. If you would still like to know more then click here.. Learn how to create a website in Wordpress.

Or you could use a website builder like Wix which have templates and simple drag and drop widgets. They offer a free trial but you really want your own domain and don't want their advertising allover your website, it makes you look amateur and cheap so i recommend paying the subscription.

The other option is pay someone to create website for you. This option is very desirable these days and you can get website creation gigs on fiver fairly cheap. You can check out some of the best gigs on fiverr where people will make your own website here.

Now if you just down right can't be bother you can buy one in auctions from the Flippa website from Web designers and builders. Just make sure you do your research on both the site and producers as some can be scams or replicates which are frowned upon in Google ranks.

And for the last option use a free website builder. Or.. DONT BOTHER LOL! Trust me just like Wix you are restricted if you don't pay further a long the line and will end up forking out hard earned cash. As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true it properly is.

Okay once you've got your website or bog ready lets crack on with the 10 best ways to make money from home online in 2020.

1. Drop-shipping

To make money from from drop-shipping you dont actually need your own website, but you could use your own online store.

The system varies but how it works in my case is you sell items on somewhere such as ebay that you don't actually own. Once your item has sold in auction you buy the item from lets say Amazon for a fraction of the price and give Amazon the address of your buyer on ebay and they will send it straight to them. So you don't even have to leave your home or send anything. Its that simple. If you do have your own online store. You could link your Amazon items selling on ebay to your own website and therefore getting more traffic.

There is a great deal more to know about the drop-shipping business and people make a great deal of money doing it. I even had a go back in the day and did a lot better than i thought seeing as i started from absolutely nothing and in effect was selling nothing.

Click here to find out in more detail about making money by dropshipping.

2. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is where you place Ads and links on your website or blog and if any of your visitors click on the Ads or links or even go on to buy products or subscriptions from those links then the affiliate program you are working for will pay you a commission.

You want subscriptions for this really because if someone has bought a subscription by clicking your link you will get paid again every time their subscription recurs thus giving you a recurring income.

Lots of people give up easily on Affiliate Marketing but they just don't have the patience or knowledge of SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing) You can find out more about Search Engine Optimisation and Search engine Marketing here.

I used to make good money and Still do on auto-Pilate from Affiliate programs as I have about 20 different affiliate systems connected to 5 websites. All the commission i make is subscription or referral so it recurs every month/year. you can earn from around 10% as beginner right upto 80% as a pro.

There is different types of affiliate programs to chose from, like PPC (pay per click), Adsense Ads,Commission based, Refurels and so on. You can scale them to your needs or website

Find out more about the different kind of Affiliate Programs available here and see some Affiliate Program Fiverr Gigs here.

If your stuck at home due to Covid-19 I suggest you give it a go, what can you lose? I think you will be surprised. The secret is like any other website or blog, lots of unique content and place your Ads and links within that.

3. Sell Services as a Reseller.

I mainly do just auto-Pilate websites now to make profit from my websites as i just don't have the time to cater to them all. But hen I got started off this was one of the first projects i did. I was still learning SEO and Marketing at the time but once a got my head round this i was flying. You just need plenty of traffic coming to your website. You can either do this by doing your own SEO and Online Marketing or by buying SEO/SEM and Social Media Gigs from places like Fiverr.

You basically get the reselling rights to sell services you have bought at discount from a supplier and then sell them on at a higher rate. When people order the service such as an SEO or Traffic gig. You buy the service from your supplier at discount send them your buyers website address then the supplier will send you report of the work they have done and this is the receipt for you to show your customers. Pretty easy really and if you want to get going straight away you can buy a reseller website and supplier all in one. Check out reseller websites for sale.

4. Open Your Own Online Store

For this you will need your own products to sell. There is a lot of competition out there so for your own website store to sell its merchandise it would have to be one step a head of its competitors. There are just so many other rivals out there its near impossible..

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